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Code Brown Septic Maintenance

0408 960 960 

Code Brown can service and repair all types of septic systems.

Servicing can be scheduled for 3, 4 and 6 month intervals. We enter all customers into a database and this informs us when the next service is due.

We will call the day before to inform you of the service for your septic and to let you know we will be on your property.

Code Brown would like to schedule any new customers service when they are home, this can be done on weekends if it more suitable. We can explain how the tank works, what we do and how to read the report.

The results from the service are typed into the computer and a report is printed out, easy to read and understand. The reports are then sent to your local council via email.

The results inform us if adjustments need to be made to your aeration system to improve the effluent quality. We will measure how full the septic is and will let you know when to pump out the system.

Code Brown can repair all systems, pumps, motors, control panels, alarms, and lids.

Control panels, alarms and motors can be repaired instead of buying brand new saving you money.

Do you have questions about your septic system, give us a call and we can help.


Alarm sounding on your septic.

Call us and with a few questions we will be able to inform you what the problem is and will let you know how long until we are there to fix the problem.

It may only require a restart and we can inform you how to do this over the phone.



Maintaining your septic system